Larus vom Fiemereck | SchH3, KKl 1 | VA


This is a stud website intended to showcase the strengths of Larus as a breeding partner. We hope that you find all the relevant information that you are searching for and enjoy this panorama of Larus’ accomplishments so far.

Welcome to the website of 2xVA Larus v Fiemereck SCHH3, KKL1, HD-ED a1 normal.

If you have any questions or queries, please contact Larry Vinzant. Please click here for a list of breeding requirements and take a moment  to fill out our Stud Request form.

Above are some pictures of Larus' son, Mattis, coming in V2 behind the world famous VA Lennox this past weekend. The crowd at the Lindlar-Fenke show gave Mattis a nice round of applause for his movement and power.

Daddy is obviously proud.

Many thanks to John Henkel, importer, Team Wilhendorf, and all who helped Larus in North America.

-Larry and Larus