Larus vom Fiemereck | SchH3, KKl 1 | VA : ABOUT LARUS



Larus is a very impressive male, whichever angle you choose to look from; as the highest rated son of VA Quantum v. Fiemereck, Larus continues to bring the illustrious bloodline of VA Ando Altenberger Land forward as its most capable descendant in the United States.

Another strength Larus’ bloodlines carry is the excellent health. Larus is an excellent producer of very good hips and elbows and has a score of 88 according to the SV’s ZW hip scoring system.

Of sound body and mind, along with his excellent structure, Larus also has an extremely clean temperament. He is a very easy dog to live with, fitting easily into the family situation, but also equally at ease on the schutzhund field, doing excellent protection work and displaying very good obedience. He also produces very well temperamented puppies, which are very social and alert.  

“A dog with Praiseworthy pigmentation, with an extremely radiant outlook-This dog is recommended to the improvement of the desired medium size, pigmentation and the body proportions.” This is a quote extracted from Larus’ breed survey report, highlighting his breeding capabilities.

Larus has had an impeccable show career so far, with the career highlights being SG10 in the German Sieger show in the Youth Class and VA3 in the USA Sieger Show under the most respected SV judges.